Rhyming slang derived from the American actress, Meryl Streep. There are 2 meanings:-

1. Meryl Streep = sheep;
2. Meryl Streep = sleep.

The context will identify the meaning.
1. The crowd were so stupid, just a load of Meryls.
2. He was so tired he fell into a deep Meryl.
by Edna Sweetlove August 05, 2010
Top Definition
Meryl is a total betty. Not only does she look good, she is extremly intelligent. She is awesome and by awesome i mean totally sweet. You can't do much better than a Meryl.
Meryl is the greatest, i wish she was my girlfriend.
by The Pale Floridian December 06, 2008
The first name of an incredible actress. See Meryl Streep.
Meryl was incredible in that movie!
by merylschoice22 December 23, 2007
Meryl is a wonderful friend, loyal and commited, there is nothing she wouldn't do for her friends and is intelligent and good looking without being precocious.
Meryl is someone who you can trust with your deepest secrets.
Meryl will always be there for you in thick and thin and gives of herself even when she is struggling with her own personal issues she puts you first.
If you have the chance to make friends with Meryl I suggest that you take the chance with both hands, she wont let you down, she makes an awesome friend.
by canyoudothisonethen February 05, 2010
With Meryl Streep giving at least one incredibly acted performance a year, it seems logical that her talent should become a verb.

v. to give a performance that exceeds one's level of comprehension.
Did you see her in Doubt? Yes. How was she? She Meryl'd the hell out of it.
by bigMacD February 09, 2010
The female version of a daryl. A meryl is an unattractive female that is unintelligent and likes to creep on guys. She may posses hogbeast qualities and can often be seen interacting with other meryls and daryls.
Did you see Lianna's roomate hanging out with all those daryls? She is such a meryl!
by Proffesor Chaos October 07, 2007
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