A word used in fustration, boredom or as a sign of indifference. It is similar to a goat sound.
Example 1:

Tim: "What movie do you want to watch, babe?"
Sally: "Merrr."

Example 2:

Mom: "Wash the dishes."
Child: "MERRR."

Example 3:

Alice: "Isn't this a great movie?"
Sam: "Merrr."
by Chantizzle96 February 25, 2012
Top Definition
A word used for signaling indecision, indecisiveness, or a state of unknowing.
by why are the names taken? February 28, 2010
What Greg says in reply to almost everything.
"Greg, you've changed so much since you got back"
by Matt Damon February 02, 2005
A made-up word that girls named Jess seem to say a lot—especially ones with last names starting with T. It has no direct definition. You can pretty much say it whenever you want and it will make sense. Also, it can occasionally spur some laughter within a group of people.
Girl: "Merrr!"
Friends: "Hahahahahahah."
by SayvilleGuy23 July 28, 2011
A phrase used either by someone being grumpy, or by someone else who is taking the piss out of the grumpy person. Usually followed by "hating it". Curiously, this is a word often used by lost lambs.
"Merrr - hating it!"
by a skanky ho February 27, 2004
Used in a sentence whenever you want and wherever you want. Like in a joke.
Example 1:

Joe: knock knock
Marcy: Whos there
Joe: interrupting merrrrr
marcy: interupting mer-

Example 2:

Im at the city merrrrrrrrr just hanging aroung with my merrrrrrr friends.
by a skanky bitch December 14, 2015
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