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A town in Florida where you can buy weed easily, where there are homless guys running around in huge jackets in 100 degree weather, a place where most peoples have no lives and just waist there life at the mall there with a buch of shitty stores.
Lighter Bob represtents Merritt Island
by HocusPocus_love May 20, 2008
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A collection of smaller "villages" and "towns" located near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Nestled on the edge of the Space Coast, Merritt Island is a sleepy town, yet is filled with good people who live honest lives and work with "what they have." Most of the population is of the "blue collar" class, with the notable exception of a few lucky people.

Notable landmarks include Merritt Square Mall (filled with low-end shopping and a Dollar Tree), Gardendale Elementary School (magnet school dedicated to performing arts, advanced scientific/mathematical education, and "artistic expression"), Merritt Island High School (the only high school there), and Ron Jon's (located in Coacoa Beach).

Although it seems "laid back," the local teenage population is highly pretentious (this if for unknown reasons, as none of them can afford even a designer bag or even luxe nailpolish, at that).

All-in-all, not a bad place to grow up if you have money and an open social agenda (as well as an open mind and something to entertain you -- because you *will* get bored quickly).
Merritt Island is a small town famous for nothing. It's filled with blue-collar workers and rednecks.
by ubuntuchick May 15, 2009
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A very pretty and sleepy island in Central Florida having close access to the beach and an easy drive to Orlando with a run down economy. Merritt Island has a large number rednecks, racists and bigots who have no scope of the world because the never leave, but may have less of this population than other local areas. Excellent location to view marine and avian wildlife due protected land. Many former and current NASA employees own homes in this area.

Merritt Island has an extremely high ratio of fast food locations to local number of population as well as an unusually high number of elderly people, snow birds, and abandoned/foreclosed homes and businesses.
1) I am afraid to speak in public on Merritt Island, because the narrow minded local population scares me and they might shoot me for being an atheist, childless, unmarried woman or a feminist.

2) I can't believe I accepted a work transfer, but my affordable and upgraded waterfront home on Merritt Island is awesome. However, I am stuck here until the market turns or hoping that interesting, classier people take advantage of the deals and move here.

3) There are no good bars on Merritt Island.

4) Merritt Island is the place that made me understand why Republicans are religious nut-cases.
by hottohandle April 30, 2012
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