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A place of perpetual misery for all those contained therein, i.e. the butthole of Alabama. A place where a solid 80% of the males are pricks and/or douchebags, and a solid 70% of the females are sluts and/or amateur prostitutes. A favorite pastime of the locals is hanging out in various parking lots such as these favorites: Foodland, Taco Bell, Civic Center (but not past 9pm), and Waffle House. A place where flavored dip, enormous trucks, Polo, Costas, and country music are the favorite topics of conversation.
I'm about to head to Gardendale, to go sit in a parking lot and dip.
by portsmouthout May 04, 2011
A city in Alabama where there's nothing to do. The only thing to do is go to Walmart...
"I live in Gardendale"
"Gardendale's close to Mt. Olive"
by MarissaEmily June 24, 2008
the most boring place in the world that is full of snotty preppy ass bitches that act like they have money but are really in debt up to their asses. they also thrive on labels.
gardendale bitch: Im from gardendale and im better than all of you!

random person: yeah, to bad your football team sucks
by kmhin March 18, 2011
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