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Merima is a girl's name. She is very smart, interesting, funny, friendly and independent. She thrives for education and self confidence. She likes adventures and good life style. She has a lot of friends and is never bored to be around. She is usually the entertainer of the crowd. She is very easy going and could also get annoyed by some idiots. She could forgive but never forget, therefore, try to never hurt her feelings.
I love Merima, she is my best friend.
by Queen of the day February 04, 2010
A sweet, honest, down to earth person. She is a smart european, who loves to have fun. Merima's are someone everyone wants to know, date, and be!
Merima is so cool!
by qazwsxedcjub1289 February 04, 2010
a person , usually a girl from europe(:
Merima likes making men happy , if you what i mean. Merima is a very nice person , and makes you want to pee your pants.
Damn, Merima made me piss my pants.
by Why hell do you care?! January 17, 2009
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