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A sound some one makes, caused from being dissapointed, mad, overwhelmed, upset, confused, or when disagreeing or showing general disregard for something.
You: "Sorry, I can't come over tonight"
Your friend: "Merhhhh"

"Merhhh... They put mustard on my hotdog!"
by emcal August 31, 2007
an annoying way to express annoyance.
Sarah: You so like him.
Savannah: Merh.
by sunshineluhv April 11, 2010
Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, onomatopoeia, and can literally replace any word in the English language. Used to describe feelings of indifference, extreme happiness, sadness, confusion, surprise, anger, or frustration. Acceptable in any situation imaginable.
Hey can you pass me the merh?
I feel so merh today
What the merh?!
by ifeelmerh April 05, 2011
a word to make any conversation interesting
merh merh merh merh merh merh
by mheg June 24, 2010
meaning "ugh" or "meh". often used as a sign of frustration or a statement similar to "i'm a faggot". Can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, onomatopoeia, and backscratcher.
Q:How are you today man?

Q:What do you wanna do son?
A:I just wanna Merh
by KingKwong June 15, 2010
A sound when someone makes when they're feeling down or just plain ol' sad.
Person 1: You okay?
Person 2: Merh...

Person 1: Let's go jump on the moonbounce! :D
Person 2: Merh...:/
by Ali017 January 03, 2011
A word commonly used to mock someone who is complaining about something dumb or insignificant, or who is just being annoying.
Miranda: Guyyyys, that's not faiirrr!
Miranda: Guys!
Group: Merhh?
Miranda: :
Group: lol, merh.

by jmbs May 19, 2007

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