Mergles usage began with horny Asian businessmen when they could not remember any english words with which to communicate their ideas to underage prostitutes. Now commonly used for a lack of words.
"Alright Daniels, fuckin give up this shit already, we know you killed that bitch!"

by $$$ June 29, 2004
Top Definition
Used to define a "blah" not caring or frustrated state.
Can also be used to describe a boring or blah place
Jordan: "Jimmy and Lauren broke up"
Will: "Mergle"

"That place was so mergle"
by MergleQueen May 24, 2008
General frustration with any situation and or the dissatisfaction of the world laying down on you.
A lovely young woman in a beautiful white evening dress is the unsightly victim of an automobile splashing street water all over her.

"Mergles," is her response.
by Nicholaskun November 12, 2006
1) To screw something up in a horrible way.

2) To suck big hairy balls for breakfast for free and like it.
"Dude, I toaly mergled that test!"
by e1n3d3e7r October 15, 2008
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