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General frustration with any situation and or the dissatisfaction of the world laying down on you.
A lovely young woman in a beautiful white evening dress is the unsightly victim of an automobile splashing street water all over her.

"Mergles," is her response.
by Nicholaskun November 12, 2006
2 0
Used to define a "blah" not caring or frustrated state.
Can also be used to describe a boring or blah place
Jordan: "Jimmy and Lauren broke up"
Will: "Mergle"

"That place was so mergle"
by MergleQueen May 24, 2008
16 3
Mergles usage began with horny Asian businessmen when they could not remember any english words with which to communicate their ideas to underage prostitutes. Now commonly used for a lack of words.
"Alright Daniels, fuckin give up this shit already, we know you killed that bitch!"

by $$$ June 29, 2004
10 13
1) To screw something up in a horrible way.

2) To suck big hairy balls for breakfast for free and like it.
"Dude, I toaly mergled that test!"
by e1n3d3e7r October 15, 2008
0 6