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An interogative interjection
synonyms; what, huh, etc.
(mumble mumble mumble)

by Eskimo October 20, 2004
A combination of "Meh" and "erg"
A reaction to when someone says something to you but your to lazy to say anything back but still want to show that you don't like it.
-seemeh and erg
1st person - "YOU SUCK!"
2nd - "Merg....."
by Hank November 29, 2003
A shortened and derogatory word for mergina, analogous to vag.
Joe: I went down to the sea last weekend and got some sweet merg.
Tom: Mmm, I love me some tuna.
by Niles Ward November 05, 2006
A replacement for a word that describes a person, place, thing, idea, feeling, or action.
"Did you see the size of that merg?"

"Here a merg, there a merg, everywhere a merg merg."

"I'll give you three mergs if you take this merg and tickle my merg."

"You boys cackin' a merg?"

Merg + Merg = (2)Merg
by unclemerg32 May 12, 2009
a word describing something surprising
Mergs, that scared me.

Mergitroidians, that was swertness!
by omo yehaf March 30, 2004
To gather in a group and travel to another place
"lets merg to so-and-so's house."
by Kozzumz February 08, 2010
The act of eating out a dead chick and then pushing down on her stomach so that all of her fluids start flowing out.
Jack was going down on his dead neighbor when I dropped a bowling ball on her stomach. He almost drowned in that mess, what a memorable first merg.
by Jordy31 September 10, 2008