comes from Welsh origin and mean "protecter or ruler of the sea"
People with this name are usually passinonate, strong and make good leaders. They are ambitious and bold and exerts to attain what they wants in life.
As well they are sweet, warm and very supportive. They are appreciative, loyaly and understanding.
Meredyths' are sexually comfortable with themselves and like to "play" & "experiment" with their partner as often as possible.
Meredyths' make great lovers and life long partners. They will keep you young & make you laugh. But if you are looking for a housewife or someone like "Betty Crocker" she is not the girl for you!
by Bronte Male February 04, 2010
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A Sexy Goddess. Meredyth is the Greatest person in the world. She has a great sense of humor and a fantastic personality. Meredyth is the very definition of Yeagerbombastic. While Meredyth can be indifferent, she is indifferent in a sexy way. Meredyth's have gorgeous, sexy body's that no other person could hope to compare to. They are Very smart and artistic. Friends of Meredyth often become jealous due to the fact that she is "The full package". Men flock to her good looks and great personality. Compared to all the other women in the world, Meredyth is the one who stands above the rest.
Guy: You are so Meredyth
Girl: That is the kindest and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

girl sheds a tear of happiness*
by jeagerbombastic September 07, 2014

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