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An island located on Lake Washington. There's a high school that other than better funding is like every other high school ever. Someday the MIHS graduates and their rivals will look back on this page and laugh and/or wonder why they ever cared so much about arbitrary rivalries. Just like I'm doing right now.
None of you are going to care about Mercer Island or its high school 4 years from now. Enjoy the ride and don't be douches to each other.
by 007gradclass February 07, 2011
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A land brought down from heaven into a lake situated between Seattle and Bellevue. This fantasy among subburban paradises is home to some of the most kind hearted and ebullient people i know. This 13 mile round, foot shaped island is also home to one of the 5 richest people in the world, Paul Allen, and Brad Pitt is proud to be an islander. Bill Gates lives in Medina, aka the land of the scary little peep who pop out of bushes if you try and go there. Mercer Island, an affluent society raises its children to become the next stars of America. The high school, praised by God himself, sends students to practically every Ivy-League school in america, can bellevue say that? No. The school also boasts state champion teams and KingoChamps anually. Sure football sucks but atleast Mercer Island isnt known for the best male butt tapping sport in the state.
My name is Taj, from far east and even i have heard of mercer island, where the beauties of the west are born. Suck my COCK Bellevue!
by Jacob Glickman January 23, 2008
56 53
An island located off of Washington. The people there are often very wealthy and snobbish. Mercer Island is often confused with Bainbridge Island as people tend to say anyone from BI is a prick when in fact, they should be saying anyone from Mercer Island is a prick. While the people in Mercer Island are busy showing off their pimped out Mercedes, those of us in other areas of Washington glare at them.
We're playing Mercer Island in football today...
Fuck, not those snobs again.
by thatfuckinperson February 28, 2014
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The greatest island on earth. A typical islander has money, looks, class and the Mercedes to back it up. It's true that we are just more wealthy than everyone else, but when people tell us that "Money doesn't buy happiness", we just smile to ourselves because we know that's just a lie we tell Bellevue and Newport so they don't riot. We're not stuck up, we just know that we're better than you. To sum it up, the crown jewel of Lake Washington will always be a haven for the best of high society, the bosses of the big companies, and the classiest, most beautiful ladies you will ever meet.

Note: With money comes expensive alcohol and fashionable drugs, so we know how to hold our liquor and master our highs just as well as any trailer park-ho from Renton. Don't for a minute be fooled by our refined style, we're always up for a good time.
Aspire to live on Mercer Island.
Once an Islander, always an Islander.
by Tommy Tutone October 01, 2007
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Home of the Asians and Jews. See Jew Island.
They don't let any minorities (Especially blacks) on Mercer Island unless they are here to clean the houses or do manual labour.
by poor mike June 30, 2011
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a very beautiful island in the middle of lake washington. it is about 13 miles in circumference and would happily coexist with its surrounding areas, bellevue, renton, seattle, etc. but we're not given the chance. although mercer island has a bunch of rich snobby ass kids. there are some who are very nice. i do not see any reasons for the hate to keep spreading, i don't see why mercer island and bellevue won't kiss and make up. both places have their ups and downs.
Mercer Island: beautiful island, hot girls, nice people, high social status, more hot girls, good swim team, decent basketball, good soccer.

Bellevue: lots of various malls that everyone loves, a much better football team, lots of nice and kind people,
by MIHS GRAD... some day April 02, 2009
18 22
An astonishing and fairly plentiful city filled with beautiful, educated WHITE people, and good grammar.
Mercer Island residents know how to spell, unlike the clearly uneducated nigger that wrote the definition above this. Let me put this in terms you will understand. If you do not like Mercer Island, "then keep its name out of your mouth and we can keep it the same." - Dr. Dre
by Sly (EMW) April 10, 2006
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