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A school in bellevue, washington ranked 10th in the nation for football and 17th in the nation for academics. Often stereotyped by other schools because of the small amount of wealthy people who attend. In reality, only a small portion of bellevue is the wealthy. So stop hatin!
How's your football team doing?
Well, we were doing well until we got dominated by bellevue high.
by Temptress06 November 23, 2004
A high school that has a long standing rivalry with Bellevue High, a school with a better football team, better academics, better location, better parties and better people. Unfortunately Mercer Island continues to try to compete with it and so continues to be publicly humiliated. Most people who live on the island go to Bellevue or Seattle for dining, shopping, or any form of entertainment, since none exists on the island itself.
The people from Mercer Island thought it would be cool to bring a flag to their away game, but it was broken by the home team when the pre-pubescent MI students got too rowdy.
by Temptress06 April 02, 2006

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