Of or pertaining to a womans genitalia or peoples area in general
"Forget Johnny, he's totally mer mer whipped"
"My mer mer is not a happy camper today"
by Stacey303 April 17, 2007
Top Definition
Noun. Syn: Adam Sutler, Emperor Palpatine, Hitler, Mussolini, (insert dictator here.)

Known for her power of persuasion over the weak-minded, this spawn of satan can suck the manliness from a man with one blonde comment lacking any tact or sensitivity to diversity.

To be avoided at all costs if one values his testicles.

"It's a Mer mer, run!!!"
by M Dog November 15, 2006
mer mer is the nick name for mercedes !!!!thats me !!!!
shut the fuck up mer mer your stupid !
by mermercore December 10, 2007

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