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Meow Meow is a nick name for Mephedrone which is actually plant food, but commonly bought online and used as a substitute for ecstasy.

Stores like sell this as plant food, yet it can be bought freely and used (wrongly so) as a drug.

Another nick name for the drug/plant food is "bubbles", this seems to be the street name for the substance in Scotland.
"You got any more Meow Meow?"

"Nah go and buy it online at rather than go through a dealer, it's legal, remember!"
by Plant-Food December 01, 2009
is bloody and meows "meow-meow" at 4 in the morning to the bald meow meow because they are best friends forever
the bloody meow-meow Meowed to the bald meow-meow at 4 o'clock in the morning.
by jon December 12, 2003
Meow Meow is the nickname of Enzo Palumbo of the CBS show, Big Brother season 12 in 2010. Enzo is “Meow Meow” of the “Brigade" alliance for the BB12 2010 reality show for CBS.
The Meow Meow is head-of-household this week.
by TaylorLCx August 12, 2010
A looser, kid-friendly term for "Vagina". It derives from the term "Pussy".
Dude! Quanisha'a has such a tight meow meow!
by RDZ December 24, 2010
a rather clean, playful & comical way of referring to the vagina of a female.
Yo Amanda just told me she's going to see the doctor because she thinks her meow meow is broken.
by D-Geezy December 05, 2007
An affectionate greeting, usually used among female cat lovers and occasionally by gay men.

Also used in coversational shorthand as substitute for blah, blah, blah.

Probable origin: Cat-Celeb Rita Perrotta.
"Hey baby, Meow meow."
by Vulypy LaVella February 04, 2010
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