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An expression of disappointment, usually associated with wanting to do something bad but knowing that it's the wrong choice.

The more o's tapped to the end, the more disappointed you are.
Dawn: 'I could go for a slab of that chocolate fudge triple stack lard cake'
Emma: 'Didn't you say you were on a diet?'
Dawn: 'Yeah, guess I shouldn't then. Meoo :('

Dave: 'You coming pub tonight Mike?'
Mike: 'Damn right I am'
Neil: 'Didn't you say your in-laws were coming over for dinner tonight?'
Mike: 'Ah shizzle, yeah. No pub. Meoooooooo' (followed by tears)
by tain london October 08, 2014
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The type of sound my cat/cow makes, was created for a theater festival in fullerton, california.
No example needed.
by Some Guy March 15, 2004
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