a dramatic representation of university students who think it's a better idea to be a prostitute than to try to get an education.
University is sooo hard. I think I'm going to pull a Menna... BJs on the corner
by Menna guurrlls January 28, 2012
Top Definition
A not so clever girl but is beautiful and everyone wants her and cant resist by flirting with her.
She is tough, a tomboy who can stay strong from anything and doesn't like to stay normal.
Pretty and fit, this girl is strong on the inside, and outside. <3
Im such a girly girl, I think ill be a menna for the week!
by Marceline, the vampire November 26, 2013
A person who is cheeky, mischievous and very pretty! Most people with the name Menna are known to be a tomboy! Menna is also very popular and won't let things get in her way!
Person 1: you don't wanna mess with that Menna!
Person 2: oh I'm such a girly girl I wanna be a Menna!
Person 3: omg she is sooo pretty!
by Moobag milkshake August 07, 2015
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