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1. Japanese for mince. It's often used to describe meat, like minced meat. Minced means cut up.

2. Menchi is a dog in the anime Excel Saga. He is Excel's, the main character, emergency food supply in case she gets hungry, and unfortunately, Excel gets hungry a lot. Therefore, the creation of the ED, Menchi Aishuu No Borero, where Menchi begs not to be eaten by Excel.
1. Would you please make the menchi meat that you're famous for, senpai?

2. Menchi hates to get eaten.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
Menchi is a cat-like Dog from the Anime Series "Excel Saga". Also is The Japanese word for "Minced Meat".
by C-chan November 04, 2003
A cute, cat-like puppy dog, native to F Prefecture, F City Japan. Believed by some to be an Emergency source of food.
"I've been starving for the last four days...if only I had a Menchi."
by Gunslave July 22, 2003
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