n. Menard, Menards

1. Someone who is rather stupid or acts retarded.
2. A chain of stores in the midwest, much like Lowes.

adj. Menarded

1. The act of someone being stupid or retarded
1. Jessica is a Menard.
2. I saved at Menards!

1. You're fucking menarded.
by AgentOrange November 11, 2004
Top Definition
1. A midwestern hardware giant that subjects it's female employees to sexual harassment by perverted old men that must be referred to a "guests" rather than "customers".

2. A place where employees must shamelessly beg people to sign up for their "Big Card" that ends up causing it's users "BIG" headaches because HSBC sucks.

3. Place that works you to the bone and promises bonuses that are total BS.
1. Creepy old man moving closer toward you as you contine to move away and creepy old lesbian supervisor with toungue ring stands idly by.

2. HSBC allows you to select "no interest no payments" on purchases over $299, but sends you a bill (with interest) the next month anyhow.

3. Your "bonus" comes in the form of store credit. Just because I work at Menards doesn't mean I SHOP there.
by Disgruntled Employee January 27, 2007
a place to save big money at. also known as a midwestern hardware store.
Save big money at Menard's.
by Graf March 12, 2003
A midwestern hardware store that has become an insult due to it's arrangement and bad commercial.
"Shut up Menards!"
by schmeankman April 25, 2009
A pretty cool girl who dates a super cool guy. Her boyfriend asks her to prom through internet sites.

Urban dictionary -

"prom - Menard, will you go with your super cool boyfriend?"
by CaptainCarlton February 21, 2012
A man's lower extremity. Created in the 1980's by radio announcer Denny Schaffer to refer to the area where a man might be hit during an accident or altercation. (derived from the same name of a midwestern hardware store)
"The woman kicked Tommy right in the Menards."
Enormous breasts, the owner of which is reputed to have achieved career and/or scholastic success by her buxomness and prurience rather than by her intellect or ability.
Kim had a long-standing and well-substantiated reputation among her co-workers for having used her sweaters to attain her position at the company; her luscious, perky menards coupled with her cherubic visage were her greatest (and some might say her only) assets.
by kimmenard@canadatrust.ca September 30, 2003
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