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Meleny is beautiful girl , she's super nice , she cares for people so much ,the best smile ever its just perfect , has beautiful eyes that are just perfect . very sporty she loves to make people laugh . Meleny will do anything to see a smile on your face , she wants her friends and the people she loves to be happy .

Meleny is amazing , has a million followers , bunch of friends , life of the party , a bit shy if you just met her or if you're super cute .
Meleny is a great kisser too .
she's a perfect girlfriend , a little hard to understand but she'll try her best in the relationship , you need a Meleny in your life , if you don't you miss out on a lot . if you ever give up or leave a Meleny I swear you'll regret it . you'd be really dumb if you did btw . Meleny is a unique person . she has an amazing voice that will just leave you amazed , she has perfect hair , she has a sexy body that will leave you drooling over her . Meleny cares a lot , if she's in a relationship she's committed , yea she's super jealous .
but other than that , Meleny is Perfect , Asian eyes , beautiful hair .
if you don't know a Meleny , You need to find one now .
" Bro she's cute , she's definitely a Meleny "
by Goldchainz May 28, 2013
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