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a woman who is truly a gift from above. Amazingly Beautiful, Sexy, Very Intelligent, Ethereal, Elegant, Strong, Loyal, Faithful, Hopeful, Wise, a Great Leader, Fair, Humble, a Queen, has a captivating smile & a sweet voice, enjoys life to the fullest, FUN & amazing in Bed.
She's definitely Mele !
by fluerz June 21, 2011
Another word for gossip in the caribbean
I got some good mele
by GHYLS November 08, 2015
An endangered and obese whale.
BeachBoy1: Look! A beached Mele!
Beachboy2: aaaaaa douché!
by BeachBoy1&BeachBoy2 May 24, 2011
A bitch who is saving herself from sex untill she gets married which most likely wont happen since she looks like tina fey but with a skinny man body and a budhist
"Ay yo dawg dis bitch wuz doin a mele on my ass."
"Fuk dawg u dodge da bullit der."
by Mac Dre's Friend May 01, 2010
little girl with no tits at all, needs mental help, has a really fat sister (ex. nora) and dad is gay
rachel and nora mele
by tim March 12, 2005

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