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Short name for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Used by locals and occasionally other Australians who may have lived there, or travel there frequently. Rarely used by travelers unless they have also lived there or travelled there frequently. Usually used when not actually in the city or city centre itself.

Hip slang for Melbourne.
Are you going into Melbs tonight? (to go out)
Know any good places in Melbs?
Catching a flight to Melbs tomorrow.
I'm back in Melbs soon!
I miss Melbs.
All my friends are leaving Melbs. (to live elsewhere)
by Allanna May 20, 2008
Melbs - the nick name given to Oliver Homes from Grove Green, U.K. It all began with OL OF. Which got changed to Olof melberg during a game of footy at the local field after a shandy or two. By the end of the day the lads realized this name was far to long. Giving birth to the new nick name Melbs which seems to have stuck for many a year. It gets tricky for the lad they call "Melbs" now as he currenty resides in Melbourne, Australia. He can found various parts of the city randomly saying such lines as fair dinkum you beauty or bloody oath you ripper.
"Hey who's that guy walking to the pub with a can of beer in his hand?" "oh him?, that's Melbs the old carthorse"
by Melbs April 30, 2012
To melb is to deficate in one's pants.
Did you smell that kid in math class? I think he definitely melbed.
by voodooskeleton June 18, 2006
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