literally the greatest city on has been named the worlds most livable city way too many times, and will continue to be named that for many years to come.

melbourne is home to australia's best schools, most livable suburbs and lga's, has the best food, and is known as being the sporting/fashion/cultural and food capital of australia.

melbourne has great infustructure, with buses, trains and of course the famous tram which people interstate are too lame to have.

we have the best private and public schools, the affluent suburb of kew has the most private schools in one area than anywhere else in the world. also, every suburb and lga in melbourne and victoria has the highest livability (which basically means no area is riddled with poverty)...comapre that to every other state/city which has some terrible areas that are highly unlivable.

afl is the greatest and most popular sport, so stop trying to compare it to rugby played by two states in australia..please no one even knows, nor cares about the difference between league and union.

melbourne is home to the MCG! named one of the 7 wonders of the sporting world. we are also home to the greatest shopping precincts in australia- highpoint, chadstone, doncaster westfield, chapel street, bridge rd, south yarra, prahran ect. and our food here is the best! and our water is the cleanest out of all chemical treatment needed.

our beaches kick ass, the mornington peninsula rocks it during summer.

dropkicks from interstate say our weather is shit...well firstly our summers are awesome with sunny weather and clear skies, and our winters are awesome too, at least we have a winter. and NO, it DOES NOT snow here, so why do people say you need chains on your car? do that, and you will be sorry you only snows up in the you see we actually HAVE somewhere to vacation to in the winter.

yeah we have funny accents, but thats just coz everyone from around the world wants to live in melbourne, and their accents just rub off on us.

now there is a reason why we insist on hating on sydney...because we are literally better than them (every survey, every test shows that melbourne is the most liveable city in aus and the world). OMG YOU HAVE AN OPERA HOUSE AND BRIGDE, YOU MUST BE THE GREATEST CITY EVER. umm let me tell you something, and this is a fact, the reason why sydney wasnt named a liveable city is coz it had MORE crime than new york city. sydney metro pop. 4million, nyc metro pop. 18 sucks to live in sydney. also, melbourne has the most amount of people moving to it from interstate than any other city in aus, and sydney people are the most coming here to obviously syd people are either smart for moving, or dumb for still living there.

melbournians love people from all over australia, we dont bag wa, sa, qld, na, tas, act, or nsw...only sydney people coz they are in denial of their own lives.

yeah we think we are the greatest, coz we are!
sydney person: 'omg sydney is way better coz we have an opera house and rip off housing prices'

melbourne person: 'dude...i dont care about you. i am better than you, so can you leave me alone?'

sydney person: 'but i am sooo insecure and in denial with myself! i have to prove to everyone i am the best!'

melbourne person: 'okay going to the mcg to watch the footy, then ill go to lygon st to get some kickass food, and then ill go shopping to chapel st...bye weirdo...'
by holler yo February 16, 2009
Top Definition
A city located in Victoria, Australia. Not many people know that it was founded by the bounty-hunter John Batman in the mid 1800's. Its the second most populated city in Australia and is about half the size of London.
Melbourne is really cold
by Your name here! dude!!! August 21, 2006
Melbourne; home, epicentre, ground-zero and dead-end of Australia's 'national' sport, Australian Rules "Football" for twenty odd weeks of the year. (nb. Aussie rules is actually quite popular in Adelaide, Australia's second-largest underground town, and also in Perth, where the only alternative is professional drink-driving.)

Fortunately, Melbourne also has the highest-grade quality heroin available in the free world, rendering even the most soul-sucking, mind numbing AFL season relatively ease to cope with.

Melbourne's heroin quality is second only to the quality of it's water.
Scag-rat 1: "Mate, the footy's back here in Melbourne."

Scag-rat 2: "I know, but it's alright, I just stole this VCR. Let's go see Skinny."
by curseofmilhaven April 10, 2007
A city that exists in Florida, that no one gives a flying fuck about.
Melbourne has way too many palm trees.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
Melbourne in Australia - city incorporated (as a town, anyway) in 1842.
This is before 1892!
by Big Fella June 06, 2005
read all the above and below definitions - thats melbourne.

now youve probably realised everyone from melbourne just spends their time feeling insecure by constantly telling you WHY melbourne is better than sydney - they always have to compare


they have an awesome street art and music scene
sydney kid - so yeah its pretty nice down in melbourne

melbourne kid - yeah like we have the many afl teams, the mcg, federation square, better weather oh and its all SO MUCH better than sydneys stuff. oh did i mention we're the sports capital of australia? oh and the afl?

sydney kid - right. but you havent won it for like 5 years?
by jamesmc February 26, 2007
1) A city Sydney writers go when they cant handle the local scene.
2) A city Sydney writers go where trains are easier to paint.
If you cant take the heat - move to Melbourne.

I want to do a whole train...I might head down to Melbourne this weekend.
by Mook-Flap August 28, 2003
An adjective to describe stuck-up people who:
- Think they're smarter than everyone else
- Drink too much coffee
- Prefer to watch sport than to play it
- Watch foreign movies and pretend to understand them
"That girl, she's so Melbourne."
by Big Fella May 28, 2005
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