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smart, big boobed, normally about 5'5. shes relatively pretty and usually has brown eyes. has her stupid moment. always there when you need her. should be more confident about her beauty, shes very beautiful.
Wow shes such a melaina. crazy

has big boobs boobs
by Shannon Gum December 28, 2010
A very beautiful girl that is funny,sexy,and smart.She loves to have fun and is always a delight to be around.Always has guys chasing after her and trying to make her happy.She is very nice but doesnt seem to recognize her own beauty.
GUY: Wow dude look at that girl over there shes so pretty

BEST FRIEND: I bet shes a melaina
by mafasa January 15, 2013
Melaina ("The Black One") is the under-earth or chthonic aspect of the Greek Great Goddess, said to bring nightmares. Different goddesses are called by Her name.

As a girl's name it is a variant of Melanie (Greek), and the meaning of Melaina is "black, dark".
In Greek mythology, Melaina was a Corycian nymph, or member of the prophetic Thriae, of the springs of Delphi in Phocis, who was loved by Apollo and bore him Delphos.
by Melphaba November 23, 2011
verb; noun:

Slang for a typically busty blond often gangbanged by members of the New York Chapter of the Latin Kings Gang

verb: to gangbang a busty blond
"Fuck man, everybody has melaina'd that bitch"

"Damn son, that Melaina was super tight."

"Did you just get Melaina'd or did you get your dick sucked too"
by Hugh Carlton Fentleworth November 28, 2007