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definition of don is mehvish
omg thats sucha mehvish move!
by cool master June 30, 2011
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Bitchy child with an awful small group of friends.
1: Mehvish?
2: Ew, everyone hates Mehvish, haha!
by ZoeDgy3 February 19, 2012
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An ultimate dual personality fake bitch. The bitches of all bitches. The most dangerous one. This one will pretend and think that she is the goddess of the universe and all men are her slaves and she can get any man she lay her eye on. In reality, no guy can stand her for more than 2 hours, let alone be in a relationship.
Also used as Mehvishness or Mehvishpana to express the attributes.
Husband: Sarah,Turn off that ceiling fan , you are right next to the switch !

Wife( Sarah): You didn't say 'darling, turn off that fan' and said my name ! its unacceptable! I will not turn off the fan until you apologize and say darling or sweetie or babe and please.
Husband: Don't be Mehvish

Guy: Here are flowers for the beautiful lady!

Lady: Get me something better and worthy next time, you and your cheap flowers.

Guy: Please don't show Mehvishness

Chick: I am so hot, I wanted to marry a tall guy, I don't know why I married you.

Husband: Yes, why didn't you marry a tall guy?
Chick: Oh, I can get anyone I want , tall and handsome anytime who would be all over me and treat me like a princess.

Husband: Babes thats just your Mehvishpana
by obnoxious October 08, 2014
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