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A universal non-answer to any question. Inflection can be used to indicate confusion, irritation, surprise, or amazement. No inflection (monotone) simply means "no comment"
"How was your day today?"
"Mehr." (monotone)

Have you finished your homework?

Did you really get an "A" in Physics?
by Bob Webster December 08, 2009
Everything and nothing at the same time. Usually mistaken for a random grunt or sigh, but can be used differently in different situations
Guy #1: "How about that local sports team?"
Guy #2: "Mehr." (In a depressed sound, due to local sports team sucking)

Guy #1: "Mehr"
Guy #2: "What's up?"

Guy #1 (while in a Combat Maneuver): "MEEEEHHHHHR!" (Terrified Mehr)
by The Greatifier December 11, 2006
1. Slang for marijuana.
2. A "stoner call" allowing stoners to invite others to smoke marijuana.
1. Person 1: Yo what up? Mehr.
Person 2: Werd.
Person 1: You comin' through?
Person 2: Yeah.

2. Person 1: MEHR!
Person 2: Mehr.
Person 3: MEHRRR!!
Person 1: Let's go!
by mehr October 20, 2007
Mehr, many people spell it Meh, BUT ITS MEHR RRRRRRRRRRR Dammit!
Person 1 : How you doing?
Person 2 : Mehr...
Person 1 : Whats up?
Person 2 : .....Just, get out!
by Faulksie December 13, 2004
The sound a small hawaiian makes when agitated.
A kid taps at a small hawaiians head, she responds with "mehr" everytime she is touched.
by Jacob Nelson March 06, 2007
Retard with a hand instead of an eye. The only word they say is mehr.
Me: "Hey Mehr whats up with your eye?"
Mehr: "MEHR!"
by Liwooo May 18, 2003
1. The sound a llama makes
2. A word used when nothing else makes sense
3. A word used to show agreement or disagreement
1. Person 1: Hey there llama!
Llama: Mehrrr
2. Person 1: Hey, how's life?
Person 2: I dunno, its pretty mehr
3. Person 1: Hey, do u wanna go to the movies?
Person 2: Mehr!
by Im_Black October 26, 2005
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