Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care; know how they are feeling; to feel nothing. ‘Meh’s can be strung together to highlight the intensity and severity of the unknown non-feeling(s). In this scenario the recipient of the meh meh meh syndrome can be mistakenly perceived as ‘depressed’.
Thor: Mortal maiden, I seek the presence of your lips. I command you to come forth! {smashes plate on floor}
Girl: Meh.
by Gwendolenalexia July 31, 2012
A word that is used when you want to piss someone off, or you just want them to think your a dumbass.
Could you please take out the trash?
Why the hell won't you listen to me?
by Spaz November 09, 2002
a term to designate when a person doesn't really give a shit
"hey, my cat died" "meh"
by Marcus J August 07, 2006
Used to express disgust, distaste and being generally fed-up with something in particular, or simply the world in general. The level of emphasis given to the word is an indication of how stongly annoyed the speaker is.
Tutor: Can you get this piece of work done by Friday instead of Monday?
Pupil: Of course.
Pupil (inwardly, or later, to friend): Meh, where am I supposed to find the time to do that?
by Elea March 04, 2006
Rejoinder to a deemed outrageous question posed to someone /an alleged fact about some. Surprised response.
A: We all have to go to that meeting - you are going right?
B: Meh!
by K Kramo February 03, 2006
basicly used for any word or for answering any questions
did u do your homework? meh
I hate you! meh
by Willis the Conquer January 03, 2006
Can mean anything at anytime.
"meh" could mean "I'm Bored" or maybe "go away."
by Jake Hill December 01, 2005
meh has many different meanings:
1. who gives a shit
2. i dont fucking know
3. whatever
where do u wanna eat? meh (who gives a shit)
by datniggaclay July 08, 2005
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