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a word invented by the greatest show ever, The Simpsons.

it was used in the episode Hungry Hungry Homer originally aired on March 04 2001.
Homer: Kids, how would you like to go to ... Blockoland!
Bart + Lisa: Meh.
Homer: But the TV gave me the impression that --
Bart: We said, "Meh!"
Lisa: M-e-h, meh.
by boshk March 08, 2005
indifference. normally caused by exhaustion, disgust, depression or a recent bout with excessive masturbation.
Lois: Bill, whaddya say I put the strap-on up your ass for old times sake?
Bill: meh.
by fucwad January 03, 2004
Its an answer to anything and everything
" Time to wake up"
by Jes & kass August 14, 2008
The interjection of choice when you are not only apathetic, but are apathetic about your apathy.
What do you want to do when you grow up?

It's used when someone simply doesn't care, doesn't know, or if they're feeling depressed/dejected. Accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders. Very similar to bleh and blah.
"Meh... the world sucks."

"How was your day?" "Meh..."
by sqxx April 12, 2005
what you say when you really dont give a shit or have nothing else to say
by omenboy June 19, 2003
1. A sound to be made when there is nothing else to be said.
2. A sound made when the speaker does not care at all and just wishes the other person woulod get the hell off that specific topic.
3. A verbal shrug.
4. The most useless and pointlessly futile word that gets people nowhere, does nothing, explains not much whatsover and, to top it all off, is effortlessly annoying for the rest of the participants in the conversation.
"You do know that water isnt very clean?"
by kikumbob December 15, 2005
A word used by the Pauly D & Vinny of the greater Chicago- Land area to let you know that not one single fuck was given.
"Did you hear what Ron & Sam did?"
by sham-woo-hoo May 15, 2011