1. Can be used whenever you want to make someone confused and confuzzledCan be used as the answer to any question asked, in any situation.
2. usually used worldwide by teenagers to piss off their parents. usually causing the parents to scream with fustration and the kid to feel great satisfaction that 1 word can cause to much grief to a parent
1.Person#1: Oh, fuck! that guy just got crushed by a huge boulder !
Person#2: Meh.
2.parent: You need to clean your room
kid: meh
parent: you'll be late for school!
kid: meh
parent: for fucks sake wil you get up off your arse all you do is sit there all day!!
kid: meh
by ~*~ meh ~*~ February 19, 2004
the most annoying fucking "trend" word out there which expresses apathy- usually carries a negative connotation.
person 1: how are you?
person 2: meh
by I hate the word meh July 12, 2005
1: a verbal shrug

2:a general noise of dismissal, mild dissent

sounds like 'bed' but with an 'm' and 'h'
syn: muh
1: josh: hey leslie, what are we doing tonight?
leslie: meh....
josh: fine then.

2: archaeologist guy: that grass is looking a bit crappy.
leslie: meh, its alright.
by heroditus August 21, 2006
A word to be used to answer anything and everything. It holds the answer to the truths and it is an answer when you don't give two shits.
Person A: "What is the point of our existance"
Person B: "Meh..."
Person A: "Damnit, either you know and won't tell me, or you don't give two shits."
Person B: "Meh.."
Tell me you couldn't find atleast 50 answers in there.
by Lhunmoth November 21, 2004
indifference. normally caused by exhaustion, disgust, depression or a recent bout with excessive masturbation.
Lois: Bill, whaddya say I put the strap-on up your ass for old times sake?
Bill: meh.
by fucwad January 03, 2004
A showing of indifference on a subject, usually with a lack of emotion, and a tone of say 70% negativity towards the idea. Usually the person's mood is very calm and collected and would rather just lay back and chill.
"How was school today?"
"Wanna go to a concert?"
"(While watching TV) Meh"
by mattkeepsitfreshthe2nd September 20, 2008
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