Somone who is generally awesome at everything they do! An amazing friend. Gorgeous facial feautures especially her eyes! Has a great curvy body! anyone would be stupid to ever leave a meghan if they had one! Can be a bitch if your a bitch to her, but thats just her fiesty sexy attitude kicking in ;) when she loves someone she loves them truely and with all her heart, so you know she will be true :) bit shy when you first meet this amazing girl but get her out of her shell. Talk about sex to her, she'll love it ;)
Hey look, theres meghan! Isnt she gorgeous?

Your eyes put the city lights to shame meghan!

Hey look, it's that meghan girl again, with those huge boobs.
by thrillerkitty May 05, 2012
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Meghan is the name for a skanky slutty ho born to backwoods retard parents who cannot spell correctly.
You know that girl Meghan that lives in the trailer park? She's a total skank.

OMG, did you hear?! Meghan once got eiffel towered at a party! hahaha.

i wish i were as great a whore as Meghan. it'd help if i had her tits.
by Backwoods Retard September 25, 2010
Common slang for a yeast infection. LMAO Most often used when her vaginas about to fall out.
Person 1. Dude I have cheese in my VAG
Person 2. Oh yeah your having a nasty meghan.
by Starbright <3 September 27, 2011
by dylankw October 23, 2011
A dog known as a pitbull. Smushed face and big nose. Usually someone overweight
Someone needs to lock that Meghan in a cage.
by fdjsnf November 09, 2010
Meghan : Ideal Girlfriend, Wife, Friend, or anything! She is the best indivudual. Meghan has tons of friends and is top of the block at her school. She is also SUPER smart && SUPER H-A-W-T!!! Every boy LoVeS her and her bright and Bubbly personality. But, she isnt only perfect on the outside, shes sprouting with love on the inside. But she isn't stuck up!
Meghan is the best individual!(:
by Jennie1234567891023456789 December 13, 2011
the skank bitch who has the amazing boyfriend that tells her he loves her although we all know he loves someone else
yeah, Meghan
by thesadone December 06, 2010
Meghan is a talented and outgoing individual and is very charismatic. But be careful; she's smarter than she seems! She's great at listening and even better at giving advise. Plus, a Meghan's always good for when you just need her to call someone a bitch. She's a beautiful person inside and out & is NOT afraid to call someone out if they're on her bad side.
Meghans are generally brunet with cute freckles
by nerdygirl12 February 20, 2012

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