The word 'meezer' refers to a ladies nether regions. A bastardization of minge and beaver the word meezer is rumoured to have originated from a small rural area in france.
nick: "U fucking what!?"
sex pest: "i'm tellin ya, i found it up her meezer"
nick: "Have u washed it!?"
sex pest:""
by Banj December 20, 2004
Top Definition
A siamese cat. Taken from the last part of the word "Siamese."

Siamese - Mese - Meeze - Meezer
"Aww, that meezer is so cute!"
by -x[Gloomy~Kitty]x- October 30, 2004
A very noisy cat. May or may not be Siamese. Fond of "talking" and usually pretty clingy. From "Siamese".
My neighbor's meezer woke me up yelling at three a.m.!
by AnyaTheVampireSlayer August 07, 2012
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