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Cute furry creature. Round body/face covered with fur, and long thin arms and legs.
In Hero's Quest / Quest for Glory I (1989), meeps were cute furry creatures that lived in holes under flat rocks. They are mostly a round furry face/body with long, thin arms and legs. They are very strong and shy.

According to the game designers (Corey and Lori Cole), meeps were originally inspired by the game Whack-a-Mole and by the signature "hermit" cartoon Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits used to draw as an autograph.

Currently meeps are the "mascots" of The School for Heroes (
by Zartan1 May 14, 2010
112 62
N, plural, Any number of adorably cute animals.
"Ohmygoodnessss!! Look at the meeps!!"
by Joe Conn March 03, 2008
66 21
1. phrase used to fill in an awkward silence; alert the participating parties that an awkward situation is taking place or notify an offender that they have just insulted you(often exclaimed in a high and/or loud pitch)
Example 1:
Nicole: I made out with a rando last night.
Katie: MEEP!

Example 2:
Mike: You really need to work out.
Vanessa: MEEP!

Example 3:
Lauren: Who is this?
Guy: The numba 1 stunna.
Lauren: MEEP!
by Katie H August 21, 2007
71 36
The best word ever.

As seen in "The Historical Development of the Meep," "meep", is the human expression of confusion just as "beep" is the computer expression of confusion.
Computer: CANNOT FIND SERVER (beep beep beep beep)
Human: ....Meep.
by Whack-an-Ash March 24, 2008
79 47
1.A random word of exclamation or excitement, can be used to fill an awkward silence, or to look cute or annoying

2. A noise someone makes when you poke/prod them

3. A creature in Zwinky that tries to take over the world by turning everyone else into meeps.
1. Melanie: So will you go out with him?
Serenity: ... meep?

Jamie: We're going to like twelve parks
this summer!
Jade: Meep!!!

2. Olivia: *pokes jasmine*
Jasmine: Meep!

3. Miranda: I was playing Zwinky the other
day and I saw a HUGE meep
invasion so I joined in because
meeps are the best!!
by Little Meeper Girl February 02, 2009
62 35
The most widely known word of the Meepers. They live among us, in us, and around us. They explode into your words at random times, not caring where you are or how random it will sound.
Person: So as I was saying, the problem of global warm-MEEP.
by Meepers Shmeepers June 11, 2008
36 18
Meep is a term that describes someone's pubic hair, mainly in the crotch area. It is alternatively known as puzz, which is short for peach fuzz, or adolescent pubic hair.
"Did you shave your meep today?"

"I hate it when people go to the beach and their meep is hanging out."
by drtranisbeast October 08, 2011
34 17