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A mid-upper class town in Massachusetts, best known for it's rich Roman Catholic Republican population and lack of diversity, despite being in the democratic state of MA. Police reports generally consists of nothing more than a noise complaint or "nicely dressed black man looking suspicious". The high school culture revolves around both the finest preppy styles, lacrosse and hockey. lacrosse team is very good because of the coach, laxbros seem to be top of the social tier. Driving down Main Street you are sure to see many BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. Most kids are grounded and dedicated to school work. The girls are classy at home, but crazy at night. Don't fall for their conservative acts. The local parties are in the basement of peoples houses, the parents dont care that the amount of alcohol each child consumes each weekend would make a college kid jealous. Not to mention their parents money they throw away on drugs from weed to coke. Most kids spend their summers down the cape with their grandparents riches in vineyard vines, polo outfits down at the country club. Even with the amount of partying students still find their way into Ivy level schools with a little help of their parents money and a lacrosse stick.
medfield? their wicked sick at lax.
by Danny Dexter December 19, 2010
Small suburban town 15 miles west of Boston, MA. Population of around 14K, more than 95% white, and mostly upper/middle class. Locals nickname the town as Deadfield for its complete lack of entertainment and activities, requiring all residents to drive to nearby towns for anything worthwhile. Surrounded by Walpole, Millis, Norfolk, Dover, Sherborn, and Westwood. Great school system, high MCAS rankings every year, and received Blue Ribbon award for academic excellence. Also excels at sports, holds many championship titles in the Tri-Valley League.
Only town in the world to have this name.
For the first time in it's history Medfield gained interest with the filming of Shutter Island at the state hospital.
by devil-lapin January 15, 2009
town about 30 or 40 minutes from boston. supposedly good schools but in reality they suck. there scores are only good because the kids here are very dedicated and hard working but the school and its teachers suck balls. Mostly middle class...some very rich people...and in wilkins glen is nice projects some very poor people and pretty diverse...very boring town...looks good on outside but actually everybody goes to parties, gets drunk, and gets high
Medfield has no train or bus so we never get out of this fuckn town.
by RayRayRayRay April 12, 2008

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