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Medfield is also loving referred to as MedVegas.
Medfield is a small suburban community about 40 minutes south of Boston. It has a great school system, both in academics and athletics. Every year, Medfield High ranks high in MCAS scores because of dedicated teachers and hard-working students. As for sports, the athletes are determined and completive- especially when playing the town rival, Dover. There is a real sense of school pride and spirit amongst the students.
All throughout the town, there is a safe and caring atmosphere. The residents are mostly middle class families that play active roles in town affairs. I am proud to say that the New England town meeting is alive and well in Medfield.
Although Medfield does not offer youths much entertainment, there are several popular hangouts that teens frequent with cult-like dedication. Locations like Noon Hill, the pits, the pond, Meta and the several pizza parlors are the most popular weekend spots. There isn’t a lot of glamour, but there is a lot of love.

Every civilization has a great city. Ancient civilization had Rome. The 21st century has Medfield, MA.
by Cinzia April 23, 2006

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