n. Combination of the words "Man" and "Weave." Females use weaves where as Males use Meaves. Mainly used by funny homosexuals.
mmm, check out my new meave gurrrrrl. MmmHmmm, TRUST!
by SmartOne44 December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A all-girl christian rock group, who are notorious for abducting children and singing Bowling for Soup songs.
Guy 1: Damn, yo, Meave just stole my sister in laws twins and left Bowling for Soup graffiti all over the house.

Guy 2: Damn, that Meave is shit hot, yo!
by Meave Haters United April 29, 2005
a dog with a hat, who isnt really a dog, but he gets really mad when you take his hat off.

an irritable person
"dont be such a god damn meave, brian."

"thats the biggest, meavest thing i ever saw."

"head shaped like a meave, meave beanhead."
by bill_cosby_goggle_fantasy April 30, 2005
A word that can be used to describe someone,something or a place. The word has few restrictions, and many usages.
"I really have to meave"
"Let me get a meave"
That chick is meavable"
by Per13 November 12, 2006
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