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The act of taking the words right out of someone's mouth.
Bob: "I love that movie!"
John: "man, you just meatloafed me!"
by dla64 December 27, 2011
5 1
To be unwittingly sent a link to Meatloaf's horrible commercial for the Go Phone. (Similar concept to being Rick Rolled)
This guy on the message board Meatloafed me and I still have that horrible commercial stuck in my head.
by Brian C Schwartz May 12, 2008
2 4
Having been too influenced by orchestral rock and roll of the mid-late 1970's. Also someone who has come to love being a passenger on motorcycles (particularly old Harleys--girls especially--they're 900 pound vibrators).
She's meatloafed. He meatloafed her with music and his shovelhead.
by Jane Does August 11, 2007
1 3