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The sounds made by the mouth when a woman performs fellatio on a man.
Sally gave me head last night and was meatboxing beautifully.
by ctre6 July 10, 2012
1 1
The act of beatboxing with a penis in your mouth.
Richard had many meatboxing sessions with Max.
by DeadeyeSpider May 19, 2010
37 1
the guttural and feral noises one makes when eating an exceptionally good piece of meat such as steak, chicken, etcetera.
Jim: Dude how'd your date go?
John: It went great until I started meatboxing.

Jim: Ooooh dude, I told you, you gotta control that!
John: I couldn't help it. The ribs were delicious!
by boombox666 September 27, 2011
2 3