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A tasty vagina that can easy be munched on
Man I chowed her meatbox last night!
by AaronStr8 October 06, 2005
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An extremely robust vagina, usually found on females with oversized labia or "laffy taffy".
"Daaaaaamn! Check out the meat box on that honey!"
"Pop that meat box"
by George Pooney March 28, 2008
If one's freezer stops working that has meat stored in it, they transfer said meat into a cardboard box and let it sit in their garage or carport for an indefinite length of time.

Uses may include having bums smell it until they vomit for prize money.

Also pussy.
Right right. I forgot you had meatbox.
by nitznluddy May 19, 2011
Collegian term for sitting in a sauna for an excessive amount of time to the point where your "meat" is stuck to the sauna bench itself.
I went to the gym with John and we were sweating it out.... i got such a bad meatbox that i was pulling splitters out my junk for days.
by SWEEEEEETDEEE June 02, 2011
not actually a box of meat, its a compliment you give to someone upon meeting them.
hello meat box, how are you?
by bosch101 February 13, 2007
A word that always comes up in conversation when talking about wheat pies.
Wayne: I love Sis. Judy's wheat pies.

Khristy: Did you say meatbox?
Jeremy: Meatbox, hahahahahaha. You said meatbox!!
by J-Dizzle1295 July 18, 2010
A mean name. A name that you call someone who may smell like a wooden box with old, green, fungus meat rotting inside of the box.
Hello meatbox! You smell amazing today.
by Belle Joy November 26, 2007

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