when your hitting your chick from behind, you fish-hook her mouth with your index finger and make her head turn sideways..."i just meathooked my hoe last night"
I was hitting my bitch from backside and i meathooked her ass while i was skeet-skeeting in her...bitch was pissed...
by natedawg202 August 15, 2006
Top Definition
The act of pulling a female into a boat/raft or over an obstacle by inserting your fingers into her vagina and butthole, like a bowling ball, and lifting her over said obstacle.
Holy shit Jake, that redneck just meathooked that chick into his raft!
by Jdubya2 August 10, 2014
The act of using your penis so well so that the partner can think of nothing else.
She wouldn't stop calling me, I meat hooked her.
by NewportNick December 06, 2010
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