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If an extremely fat person has no legs the resulting mounds of flesh cascading down and around their stumps result in 'meat socks'.
'You just made love to my meat sock baby'
by refuogee November 10, 2011
3 5
Meat is another word for a man's member. so the meat sock, is the sock for your member. a meat sock is a condom.
i hit her in the face with some baby batter in a meat sock.
by Jake Jarmel May 21, 2004
23 25
An old, crusty, holey, gray sock filled with raw ground beef. Can be used to show superiority after a Halo match, ruin someone's day, or just be funny.
I'm gonna whack you in the face with a meatsock and give you e.coli.
by Nickarbak February 16, 2008
1 7
Something that is a meat in a sock.
I want to eat the meatsock.
by DrFunk March 24, 2003
11 18
An idiot, see also Meat Head.

Food Reference for Hot Dog/Sauage/Kielbassa/etc...

Slang for Penis.
"Quit acting like such a Meat Sock!"
by Davis December 30, 2003
6 21