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Another term for the female genital region.
Dude 1 "I met this hot chick at the bar last night"

Dude 2 "Oh yeah, did you fill her meat pocket?"
by Chris Burns August 21, 2007
A place for someone to stick thier dick, usually a pussy.
Damn Tony, I got wasted last night and put my dick in sandra's warm and moist meat pocket.
by Smoking Boner August 27, 2003
To define a woman whose only practical use in this world is to take cock in her vagina.
Jen really is nothing more than a useless Meat Pocket!
by Ravensong August 10, 2007
a very nice well folded pussy
jesus christ bob look at that bitches meat pocket!!!!
by voodoo4426 November 01, 2011
When a male approaches another person and inserts his genitalia into the trouser pocket of an unknowing bystander.
Ah man, I was standing in the lunch line the other day and Randy gave me a rancid meat pocket.
by Slamdance April 30, 2006
A small, yet incredibly tasty flaky crust of a pocket, filled with a meat like substance, can be pork, beef or spam.
A "massive meat pocket" is a pocket filled with meatl, inflated to an enormus stature.
by Simon Landau February 10, 2004