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When you have consumed so much food that the only thing your capable of is lying around, watching tv, sleeping, moaning or complaining that your full as shit.
Dude theres no way i can work out today ive been in a meat coma for over an hour.
by lava flow August 04, 2011
The use of meat to induce heavy sleeping...

Also, Name of annual fest put on by the A/V geeks in St. Petersburg, Florida..
"Those 2 steaks I ate last night put me in a meat coma."
by Meat Eater December 12, 2008
Once my boss just went to a bbq place and eat like 2 racks of ribs, a huge side of mac & cheese, huge side of mashed potatoes, lots of chicken, like 4 pepsis, and a ton of other stuff. On the car ride home he woke up out of a meat coma, and said," zzz, oh, ice cream, ice cream, oh sorry guys i was just in a meat coma, zzz,zzz,zzzz." in a half a sleep voice. Then is wife said,"where?" he replied," zzz, chick-fil-a. chick-fil-aaa." in a half a sleep voice. So we went through the chick-fil-a drive through and got three XL soft serves, even though I said I only wanted a small.
Sorry guys I was in a meat coma.
by farteroopssharter November 20, 2014
post-coital slumber
After only two minutes with Mr.Chan, Jenny went into a meat coma.
by fireworks February 09, 2012
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