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Cool as or awesome....or you realLy loved it so you say "that was mean as". People say it as the new "cool" word.
"That roller coaster was mean as!!"
by Briar M April 21, 2008
(n)(1)one who plays Final Fantasy and/or any other rpg video game constantly(2) a loser (v)(1)to be very annoying, and have no life and/or friends (2)to be a lazy bum
That ugly meana beat Final Fantasy IX fifteen times.
Are you going to meana all day, or get off your ass and do something?
by Ben Badushnir January 21, 2007
When a nigga lives a life of poverty, prostitution, and bitchassness.
That meana never has money. I also heard he has std's from sleeping around.
by Sup3rmaann February 22, 2008

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