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Mostly Beef; AKA The meat paste you recieve when you order a Taco Bell meal.
There is meaf in my Chalupa.
by The Puff February 26, 2013
Meaf is the essense of flesh when served for consumption. It may be distinguished from meat on syntactic grounds, although it is certainly inseperable from it. Meat describes the edible part of animals in any of its forms, down to the meagre flecks of ham that might render a salad unsuitable for vegetarians. Meaf, however, describes with oleaginous zest the superabundance of butchery that is brought about by a proper passion for cuts of just-slaughtered sustenance. Meaf, ladies and gentleman, is meta-meat, such as might be served at a banquet of all-conquering carnivores. The salty knuckle of pork that bobs in your soup unashamedly flaunting its ringlets of gristle - this is Meaf. An entire piglet skewered and twisting gratefully over the fat driven flames of an open fire speaks Meaf with the uninhibited enthusiasm of infants. Larded loins of game and lubricious lengths of sausage are unambiguous Meaf of the first order, especially when served with a pork tiara.

Meaf is the epicurean scorn of a sensible diet and all that is implied therein. Meaf is the second helping taken when you're already full, simply because you like the feel of scorched flesh against the ever vital buds of your tongue.
Meaf may be had in great abundance at a pig-killing.
by Pockless August 17, 2008
me af meaning 'me as fuck' but in a word that rhymes with beef.
*sees someone mouth caressing a hamburger*
"dude thats meaf"
by meaf creator June 09, 2015
Me as fuck.
Dude, why do you care if I like to karate chop people in the throat after I make them laugh to then choke them.. I'm meaf!
by Synteks March 29, 2015
Any combination of beef and another meat
"We didn't have enough hamburger for everyone so I grabbed some turkey and made meaf patties for the party"

"Dude, these sausage meafballs are awesome!"
by Thumper_CT March 03, 2008
An annoying, frustrating, generally irritating person.
'Oh you know that David? He's a right meaf.'
by antoniamarie-64 November 30, 2008
During menstruation, the vulva expands slightly, and perhaps dangles a bit between a female's legs. This is most common in bitches.
Look @ Brendt's dog, Chloe, that meaf is flappin' in the breeze.
by Flying J April 30, 2005
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