N. Micro Dick Syndrome
1. Connor F. is on the verge of MDS

2. Hey, how's MDS therapy been? I'm a survivor myself.
by ChillChill May 16, 2011
Top Definition
Masterbation Depervation Syndrom. The male form of pms, occurs when males fail to masterbate frequently enough inturn making them have all the bitchy qualities of a girl on her period.
Fran: "Dude, Jim is being a total bitch lately!"
Nicole: "Yeah he's totally mds-ing, gross..."
by Sick of bitchy boys December 20, 2010
Portuguese shorthand for Meu Deus, which translates in English to My God! Often used online
Person 1: Foi pra pria hoje e eu estive roubado... (I went to the beach today and I was robbed)
Person 2: Mds, que horrivél! (My god, how horrible!)
by HiVoltage December 14, 2014
not seeing a person for a certain length of time; missing seeing that person just because they're awesome
I was getting the MDS when I didn't see the Magster for awhile.
by C'mon man! April 07, 2010
Stands for Massive Dick Syndrome
"Man I had to go to the hospital and get surgery"
"Woah, for what!?"
"My girlfriend told me to get rid of my MDS."
"What's that?"
"Massive Dick Syndrome, she says it makes playing 'just the tip' is just like having sex with an average sized dick."
by Slam_Diggity January 18, 2015
Major Down Syndrome, when some one is very retarded.
My good friend raged on xbox live and punched his mum... something only someone with MDS would do...
by AzFLYINGzFRIDGE April 20, 2011
Million Dollar Shit
of the same origins of MDP, you feel like you would have paid a million dollars to take that shit if you knew how much better you would have felt. usually occurs on trips, or other times when a bathroom is not readily available.
Zach: wow you look a little too happy coming out of that bathroom
CJ: dude MDS straight up.
by ZAOS November 18, 2009
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