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Man of the people. Enemy of women. Master of the three liquors and quite possibly the eighth wonder of the world.
He thought about making her breakfast, but instead slept in like a Mclane.
by mole-e-oh November 25, 2010
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Normally a girl, (sometimes a guy). who is hilarious, fun to be around, and definitely quirky. Most end up being popular and have the dream life; good grades, tons of friends, and they always have a special talent (e.g. soccer, ice skating, piano, painting, etc). Most seem shy if they don't like you or if they don't know how to "be" around you. But, after (if) they warm up to you they will be some of the best people to be around, the party's where McLane's at! If you meet a McLane make sure you're friendly and give them time to warm up to you and they'll reveal their real self to you, serving itself as in explanation for their good reputation and notorious popularity.
"dude, i just hung out with some of my lincoln friends and that mclane girl came again. she was like, 100x more cool than she was the last time i hung out with her. i was like woah, i thought she was just that shy hot girl, but shes out there bro!"

"i told you all along man. that mclane chick's crazyy fun."
by heyy11 August 31, 2011

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