A girl who has her period on a boy's face.
"I heard she bled on his face"
"Yeah, she pulled a McKenzie!"
by thatgirl3456 January 30, 2012
An extremely mean bitch of a girl who will throw anyone under the buss in order to put herself in a better position. A girl with a MASSIVE nose that just might grow every time she is mean (this being the reason she has a nose like Pinocchio). Mckenzie is the kind of girl that may seem popular but everyone secretly hates her. mckenzie can be a very socially awkward girl at times, but deep under the constant scowl expression on her face she is always judging you or someone else around. If you do mckenzie any type of favor don't expect her to return you one. Over all mckenzie is the type of person that cannot be trusted.
"Have you seen mckenzie lately?"

"No, just her nose and overpowering ego."
by higimafig February 25, 2012
A stalker. Mentally insane and suicidal. Should be contained and kept away from the outside world.
Mckenzie is coming! Hide! Lock the door. NOW!
by noneshallbenamed December 29, 2011
Mckenzie's are total bitches. All they do is suck up to teachers and brown nose upper classmen. They are quite two faced and ARE NOT TRUST WORTHY. One day Mckenzie will like you, but an hour later she'll be bitching about you. Mckenzies's are horrible.
Omg who is that? She looks like a bitch.
Ohhhh.. thats Mckenzie... i hate her
by lalalalalalalaaallalalalla November 19, 2010
Name given to someone who is really strong, with paticularly large guns compared to the rest of their body. This results in a large ego. This causes the person to say really bad jokes.
Crim: Oh your such a tank, McKenzie!
Mckenzie: Get out, who told you that! *tenses arm*
by Ross MacLeod November 10, 2007
a ming chav company that dabe wears and uses.
Friend: Oi oi dabe wherr u get ur mckenzie bag from?
Dabe: oh man, i got it for £50 at the mckenzie bag store.
by Goldigga December 31, 2008
A verb that means to have a cock shoved up your anus. 'To Mckenzie' in the infinitive.
Hey did you here about keeley?
yah, she got Mckenzied.
ooooh! that sucks.
by Flinkadink January 30, 2008

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