A sexy ass girl with large breasts that's very nice and outgoing! and all the guys want her so you're lucky if ya got this girl. If ya got her, better not break up with her it will be the biggest mistake of your life. McKenzies are genuinely nice but if you piss them off, they'll show how much of a bitch they can be. Usually they have brown hair, brown eyes and are white. CAN'T EMPHASIZE HOW SEXY THEY ARE ! Often is very humble about their appearance and don't think they're that sexy
Dude do you see that girl over there?

Yeah, that's Jimmy's girlfriend. her name's McKenzie.
Jimmy's girlfriend?? How did he get with her, she fine as hell.
by muthafucker1234567890 April 09, 2011
Mckenzie's are always gorgeous. Usually with dark hair, blue eyes and a huge tits. She's chill as fuck and everybody wants to be her best friend. Mckenzie's have skinny waists and a huge ass. She's funny as hell and will do anything in her power to make you smile. Mckenzie's are always down to have fun. She's crazy as fuck.
Mckenzie's are totally boss. Great singers and dance like the girls from the music videos. Guys are lucky to have a Mckenzie.
Guy 1: Holy shit! Who's that sexy girl over there? I want her!
Guy 2: Bro, that's Mckenzie.

Girl 1: Look at her! She's soooo pretty. I wanna be her best friend!
Girl 2: That's Mckenzie!
by lolguyat124 December 16, 2011
To McKenzie is to ejaculate a distance previously unheard of at an unexpected moment. Mckenzieing is in actual fact a world record ejaculation which can only be described as a Mckenzie if the record is beaten. If it comes close it may be referred to as a 'near-Mckenzie'
Everyone: What a moment i hope no-one gets carried away
Me: Too late i just McKenzied all over the joint
by M.McKenzie July 13, 2008
McKenzie is a typically girl who is extremely hilarious and loads of fun!She's usually a blonde curvy girl with light colored eyes who can laugh until the point where her face hurts and will literally tell you to: "Stop talking my face hurts."

Although Mckenzies are hilarious and fun they can also be so laid back it will offend people because they don't know what else to say besides "That's cool." And "Whatever." They can be easily offended and take things wrongly and reply with something dark.

McKenzies love cats and would choose cats over dogs any day and can make cat noises to talk to their cats, literally...

Mckenzies areartistic and musicical and very creative McKenzies have a stephrano singing voice like an angel and McKenzies are amazing. <3
"McKenzie is just sleeping right now, like usual.She'll probably get up to eat popcorn later"

*McKenzie emerges from the deep depths of her room to get food and make popcorn and leave taking it's prey with it back to the den*

"I told you so..."
by Mckenziemaeee May 11, 2014
A tall beautiful athletic girl. Sometimes she can be bitchy or demanding but she has a good heart. Has an ass like a goddess.
Do you see that ass, such a Mckenzie!
by Slut2000 January 04, 2015
A sexy, ho double t girl that can make people laugh without trying. She is Annabelle's bestie 5ever and can be only hated by clueless over self righteous people. She has long dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and us really tall and has these very ghetto ass hats like beanies and shit. She can be quiet at times but at her house when you really get to know her, she is fuckung boss. lof u Mckenzie. <5
Annabelle: Look at mckenzie she is so sexy ohmygosh I love her so much.

Zach: I wish I could amount up to her awesomeness.
by ferdinand pls December 26, 2013
A female who will play with your heart. Stay away. Shes a bitch.
Never hook up with Mckenzie.
by getalifeniggs October 25, 2015
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