An extremely mean bitch of a girl who will throw anyone under the buss in order to put herself in a better position. A girl with a MASSIVE nose that just might grow every time she is mean (this being the reason she has a nose like Pinocchio). Mckenzie is the kind of girl that may seem popular but everyone secretly hates her. mckenzie can be a very socially awkward girl at times, but deep under the constant scowl expression on her face she is always judging you or someone else around. If you do mckenzie any type of favor don't expect her to return you one. Over all mckenzie is the type of person that cannot be trusted.
"Have you seen mckenzie lately?"

"No, just her nose and overpowering ego."
by higimafig February 25, 2012
Top Definition
An outgoing, caring person.
Someone who knows to have fun.
Mckenzie never to afraid to voice her opinion.
by Mckenzie Page September 15, 2007
a beautiful girl/women who is nice sexy and has a very good heart
god that girl is cool
ya her name is mckenzie
by kenzer234 January 11, 2009
1.) The most wonderful girl in the world the one that if you were dating her you wouldnt be able to take your next breath with out her on your mind shes the one that that knows what the phrase "i wanna DANCE in the PLAYGROUND under the WATERFALL" means

1.) "i wanna DANCE in the PLAYGROUND under the WATERFALL"

2.) shes almost a mckenzie
by dixieROSESboo March 11, 2010
Someone who always knows what to say, can make you laugh any time of day, after anything.
Does the sweetest things without even knowing it, and will go out of her way to make you smile.
Has EXCELLENT taste in music, always dressed epicly and connected to an iPod, and is funny as hell, even when she doesn't mean to be.
Way smarter than she gives herself credit for.
Preferably, she'll be adorably short.
Can also be referred to as "Taco".
I love her!
"Wow, that birthday gift is totally specific to you and somehow manages to match up with every aspect of you, while not looking overly thought out. Who gave it to you?"

"McKenzie, of course."

I get a quote from McKenzie every night. Makes my day.
by Claudia Dubabababracadio April 29, 2011
freaking Boss. McKenzie is legit. A McKenzie knows what to say at all times. She's gorgeous. She can be a brat, but she knows when to be adorable, cute, and/or funny. She's the best person you could ever meet. A McKenzie understands things simply. She can be creative and speak her mind without thinking at times. A McKenzie can be romanceful, sexy, and/or sweet when she wants to be.
"have you seen McKenzie today?"
"Yeah, she's flipping amazing. totally Boss Man"
by the top boss man August 23, 2011
Mckenzie's are amazing,they are usually brown headed,brown eyes, tan, and have a HUGE ass. They are always a little shy at first but when they break out of their shell they are outgoing, and love a good party! They will always make you laugh even if they are not trying too. Sometimes clueless, but book smart.They always are looking for an excuse to get away to the beach. They are always looking for anytime too meet some new boys.They are drop dead SEXY !
Guy 1 : Damn look at Mckenzie , she always lookin good .
Guy 2 : I know ,I wish my girl was a Mckenzie !
by Devin South July 06, 2011
A hot, sexy, blonde, BEAST at volleyball and outgoing. Anyone who has a McKenzie is lucky.
Guy 1: Hey whose that hot volleyball player?
Guy 2: Oh! That's McKenzie!!
Guy 2: WOW I wish i was with her.
by hotrod.mmperice July 07, 2009
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