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Mckay-like refers to someone who acts like the classic 90210 stud, Dylan McKay. To be "mckay-like" is to be fucking amazing. Anyone who is "mckay-like" doesn't give a shit what other people think and will do things that most people are too much of a pussy to do.

A variation of the word is "unmckay-like" which refers to someone who is a total stiff.
When Ken got up and ran away from that cop after getting tasered, he was totally Mckay-like.

Colt McCoy is fucking Mckay-like.

Nick was unMckay-like when he ran from his friends at the airport like a little bitch.

Rich is unMckay-like since he lets his wife get blown out by stoner dudes.
by Notajen10 December 22, 2011

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