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The term 'Mcflurry minge' is similiar to other phrases such as 'bucket crotch' and 'wideset vagina'.
As we are all aware the 'Mcflurry' is a range of icecream based products served in McDonald's restaurants all over the world. The ice cream mix is of a white appearance and in the phrase 'Mcflurry minge' the ice cream is used to represent the discharge (cum, spunk, ejaculation) of a male during intercorse.
The actual cup has a large circumferance, representing a large vagina that has once housed a large number of penis aswell as the discharges they have produced.
Upon purchase of a Mcflurry the kind employee will insert a plastic spoon (representing a penis) which is then put into the Mcflurry stiring machine (representing the penis in sex mode). As you will notice the spoon (penis) is stirring the white ice cream mixture (representing previous males spunk)the Mcflurry whilst in the machine is showing sexual intercourse. If you are said to own a 'Mcflurry minge' you should be very insulted as it is similiar to having a 'cum bucket'.
Guy 1: "You know that Sam girl?"
Guy 2: "Yeh i know her, I slammed her"
Guy 1: "Ive herd shes slept with 100 men"
Guy 2: "Shes got a rite big 'Mcflurry minge' i culdnt even touch the sides!
by rickta August 12, 2008
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